I’m the one to choose my battlefield

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I decided to try my hand at scanlation typesetting, since I thought this was pretty cool but I hadn’t seen it translated yet. I translated this with my limited knowledge of japanese and with a friend’s help

Basically the final strip from Chapter 32 (aka “The boys play an Otome game” chapter) had two other potential endings, which were shown in the fanbook

Please open these in separate tabs to see in full-size. 

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Gintoki and Kagura holding one another

Gintama Meme: Favourite OTP

Every GinKagu moment  (19/∞)

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Raws credit: sakura-chiyo
(Iffy) translation credit to me

The other alternate story for chapter 45 given in the fanbook (first one is here), taking place after Wakamatsu is talking to Hori about Seo’s boyfriend (aka Kashima). Kashima’s gender still isn’t cleared up even with Hori there (more like no thanks to Hori), Kashima is jelly of her precious senpai laughing with someone else (little does she know it’s because of her), and Seo becomes an unreliable messenger as Kashima and Waka start fighting over “Senpai”…

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Geez. The final trump cards protecting this country… Sure are crude and filthy aren’t they?”

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Happy Birthday Toudou
by From: Arakita
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Yo. Seems like today’s your birthday or something.
'Coz of things and stuff, thought I should greet you for once.
Well I guess I could buy you a drink.
………You’re kinda quiet today…
Wa, wait, you’re not Toudou!!
Say something earlier! Don’t mess with me!! Damn it!!

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Kise Ryouta in Q211

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kagura in  ep. 01&02.

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t2 in episode 31

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